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Heal your gut

Your health holistically with bone broth
A savory, traditional foodstuff, bone broth is great for warming you up on cold nights (or days!). But, did you know it also has some wonderful health benefits too? From healing the gut to helping you with losing unwanted fat, bone broth can have an amazingly beneficial impact on your whole body. So whether you are a long standing bone broth lover or whether you have yet to try this delicacy, why not get brewing up a cup of hot, delectable bone broth right now?

Last weekend a big group of us were on our way to a health conference in downtown LA. A good friend of mine suggested that we hire a car to take us down to the event because parking can be a nightmare. Since we are talking about bone broth this reminded me of this event. LAX Car Service was the best experience I have had with public transit. And guess what, He had a jar of bone broth in the car because he is recovering from Lymes disease. People are starting to catch onto this bone broth thing it’s amazing.

What is bone broth?
Traditionally made from the marrowbones left over after a stew or roast dinner, bone broth can be anything you want it to be. Juicy, protein rich marrow can be combined with items such as stock, herbs, slivers of tender meat, greens, and even a touch of truffle oil or parmesan cheese for a luxurious effect. Simmer all this together an the result will be an aromatic, warming, comforting broth that is just like a big warm hug in a bowl. Add a large slice of buttered bread to the side of your plate, or opt for a French style toast and toasted cheese lid for your bowl of broth.
You might remember trying this recipe at your grandparents’ house, or being treated to a cup of hot bone broth when you were feeling a little ill and sorry for yourself, and tucked up in bed seeking a cure. It has long been known that bone broth does the trick when your immune system is in need of a nutrient boost and your poor aching limbs need a little soothing love and care.
What are the nutritional benefits of bone broth?
Bone broth is rich in protein, and it also has plenty of iron and calcium (especially if you make it with dark green leafy veggies such as kale, or turnip greens) and vitamin B12 (stir in a little nutritional yeast for a B12 boost over and above what you get from the meaty ingredients of this fragrant soup). It is wonderful for getting you hydrated and packed with vitamins and minerals. Just the thing for when you have a cold or the flu! As well as these standard nutritional benefits, there are plenty of additional ways that bone broth heals you from the inside out, working to the advantage of both your gut and your waistline.
Drinking bone broth for gut health
Bone broth is a smart choice for anyone who cares about the health of their gut. This scrumptious concoction hydrates and flushes out your gut and also promotes great digestion. Drinking a bowl of bone broth at least once a week will have a fantastic impact on the overall health of your gut. And, when your gut is healthy, you are healthy! Good gut health has numerous beneficial effects on your whole body, including boosting your energy levels, improving the quality of your skin and hair, and helping to reduce bloating. Which brings us neatly on to another great benefit of bone broth…

Bone Broth Should be the base

I didn’t always used to be this way but now I am and I am so proud to be. Do you want the best most nutrient rich breakfast that won’t make you fat? Then start making your own bone broth. It is cheap and you get the biggest bang for your buck as far as nutrients is concerned. There have been so many studies done to prove the healing benefits of bone broth. I was at a conference this last weekend and I heard a woman speak about how she healed her lyme disease by simplifying making her own bone broth and drinking it 3 times a day. This was a vegetarian by the way. She still does not eat meat but she does however drink bone broth. It not only heals your gut but it also gives you easy to assimilate protein and fat, which we run off of if you didn’t know. Check out my buddys video below to find out more about this amazing warm concoction we can make to heal oneself!


The day starts with a good meal.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so they say. In my eyes every meal is super important, especially if you put some love into it and make it extra tasty and healthy. I used to eat really bad food. I was all about taste and to me the only thing that tasted good was lots of sugar and saturated and trans fats. We all know what those do. Add weight where you don’t want it, ladies you know what I am talking about. My mouth was trained to only enjoy the worst possible things for me. I know a lot of us struggle from this.

It actually made me quite angry when I saw someone walk past me with a green juice with a big smile on their face like they loved it. Of course they were tan, fit, and beautiful with yoga mat and alkaline water hanging off their shoulder. I thought to myself how in the hell to they love something so plain and green, and how can they be so happy from coming out of a 90 minute sweat a thon yoga class. I have tried green juice and yoga and really didn’t enjoy one bit of it.

A good friend once told me about getting over the hump. I thought that the rule only applied to working out or starting a new job. There is a learning curve, you know a hard uphill struggle and then after that it becomes much  easier. Well this is the truth with yoga and green juice too. You have to start somewhere!